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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 31, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning. >> good morning. here's the deal with today, things are getting better, slowly. slow improvement. still a lot of clouds. but most of the rain showers out of here and the wind with it. gradually things getting better. there's a look at your satellite radar. you can see the leftovers with sandy continuing to spin, and a couple of light showers this morning, generally off to the north and west, towards hagerstown, to the south and west of town towards culpeper, had light showers this morning. can't rule out the possibility of a few more showers today. the trend will be to dry things out and eventually introduce at least limited sunshine to your forecast later today. we'll have a few peeks of shine, though clouds will stick around for much of your wednesday. 44now in washington. cool temperatures to start your day. dulles 42. bwi marshall 42. highs in the mid-50s. kids going trick or treating should be dry conditions. not terribly windy, with
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temperatures quickly falling back into the 40s later this evening. more details on the halloween forecast and a look at the weekend in a few minutes. back to you upstairs. thank you, sir. >> while most of the northeast is dealing with severe flooding problems from sandy, people in west virginia are still dealing with winter storm warnings. at least a foot of snow there, some parts seeing 3 feet. hundreds of thousands lost power. we understand from a viewer they are having to fly helicopters just to be able to look at the power lines to see where the problems are. closer to home, we continue to see evidence of power problems. this is video our crews captured this morning of power lines on fire in northwest d.c. it was in the 4500 block of mccomb street. the wires caught leaves and trees on fire. power was cut off there and the flames were put out. local utility companies are
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making head way on the widespread power outages. dominion virginia has just under 19,000 customers without power. pepco down to 1180. bge about 28,000 outages in montgomery county, prince george's, calvert, howard and anne arundel counties. a prince william county family is thankful they are alive after a tree destroyed their home. gigantic tree on their next door neighbor's lawn came crashing down and split their house in two. it has been condemned. the owners have three kids. they were home when the tree came down. luckily, and amazingly, really, no one was hurt. along the potomac river, high tide is expected shortly. >> that raises concern for the possibility of more flooding. our own melanie alnwick is live in alexandria with the latest on this threat. melanie? >> reporter: good morning tony. high tide here just about a little more than an hour away.
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10:06this morning is the time on the clock. we're here at the bottom of old town. this is at the old dominion boat club. we've been watching the water here steadily starting to rise little by little, getting a little bit damper. i want to show you where the water came to yesterday. judging based on the debris line here, looks like yesterday the water came up to about knee high. came and flooded this lower bottom area of king street and union street. look at video we shot yesterday, where you can see the water levels there. this is sort of typical for old town alexandria. they're used to this. the city also warns people to be aware there's flooding down here. usually happens maybe once a year, sometimes a couple of times a year. this is certainly not the worst they've ever seen. but they always get everyone prepared. they handed out sand bags yesterday in advance of high
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tide last night. most of the businesses put them up around the lower window areas. so it was certainly less than what was expected here, and i think that is probably the good news. again, we are waiting for high tide this morning. there is a possibility with high tide today and perhaps tomorrow that it could come up about this high. we'll have to wait and see what happens. that's the latest from old town. back to you. >> melanie alnwick, thank you. the governor of maryland will get a firsthand look at the devastation along the coast later today. the pier in ocean city was destroyed by sandy. it also forced many to evacuate. governor o'malley will visit a shelter and will join the mayor in ocean city to get an update on the damage there. an update now on the sewage overflow we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. the sewage treatment system that serves the majority of homes in howard county is now back in service. two power lines that pump power
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into the plant went out monday night. the plant's generator is only supposed to last a maximum of 30 minutes. so for 12 hours millions of gallons of raw sewage rushed into the river. officials say they believe the water from the river is still safe, due to the large am of rain we received during the storm. with less than a week until election day, governor mitt romney returns to campaign trail with three stops in florida today. yesterday he campaigned in ohio and collected relief supplies for hurricane victims. he picked up the endorsement of former chrysler ceo, lee i coco. president obama warns there's still a risk from flooding and downed power lines. today he'll get a look at the damage along with new jersey governor chris christie. it is still not clear how the storm will impact the
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election. and as our political strategist says, the president isn't on the campaign trail. >> i don't think i could handicap this one way or the other who it helps. but it does take the campaign off the front pages for sure. >> the president gets a break, to be honest with you, because now he gets to fly to new jersey, do the photo op and pretend he's really, you know, concerned about all this stuff. and everybody will get glowing press, which he'll get, so then what happens -- >> you're saying the president isn't concerned about americans? >> i'm not saying he's not concerned about it. if you look at what's happened prior to the storm, he was campaigning very hard, as was -- but it wasn't -- my point was, it wasn't working in the polls. his polls were going down. >> don't forget, election day is next tuesday. early voting resumes in most counties in our region today. montgomery county, maryland, early voting centers opened
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about an hour ago. voting hours will be extended. centers close at 9:00 p.m. through friday night. it's the same in the district. early voting is underway in d.c. and will be open from 8:30 to 9:00 p.m. through saturday. tony? we want to share this political note with you. our maryland senate debate originally scheduled for 9:00 this morning has been canceled because of the storm aftermath. we apologize we were not able to reschedule it before election day. meanwhile, a terrifying sight of destruction, this is a daylight view, or we'll have it for you, of the queens neighborhood that went up in flames during the sandy super storm. it's now believed at least 100 homes in the breezy point section were destroyed. look at this. it looks like a war zone. crews are still searching for potential victims. the cause of the initial fire is still not known.
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sandy slammed hard into atlantic city, new jersey. coming up after the break, we're live with a look at the devastation and destruction. >> plus, you may not realize it, but all that time on your phone and other gadgets could be harming your neck. i'm sitting down with a chiropractor after the break to learn more about what's called tech neck. right now, it's 9:08. we'll be right back.  
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welcome back. listen up, you see it everywhere on the street, on the bus, in meetings, people bent over their cell phones or ipads and tablets. it may lead to a real pain in the neck. it's not just adults at risk. if your kids play games, they may be at risk for neck damage as well. joining us is a chiropractor who says text neck is becoming a real problem. thanks for coming in. >> good to be here. >> i have noticed this, this hunched over appearance sometimes. and sometimes people are in that position for a long period of time. is that what the problem is? >> that is what the problem is. that's what we're referring to, referring to as text neck, which simply put is forward head posture from prolonged usage of a mobile device. that prolonged forward head posture with your chin towards
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your chest is what brings a multitude of concerns. the second your ears go over your shoulders and the second you bring your chin just 1 inch forward off those shoulders, puts 10 pounds of pressure not just on your neck, but on your shoulders. >> you brought x-rays with you, so we can see what it looks like and -- do we see what a normal neck position looks like? >> absolutely. the image on the left is a side view of a patient's neck, they're looking to the left direction. that green illustrates a normal, nice curve in the neck. that's the way a body was designed. the image on the right, that is text neck. there is a loss of curve, what we would consider a straightened neck, and you can also see in that x-ray decreased disk height, which is what produces a lot of the
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neurological symptoms patients can feel. >> tell me what the symptoms are and the potential health problems could be. >> sure. mild to severe, neck pain, shoulder pain. we're even talking about tingling in the arm, disk degeneration. and even decreased lung capacity from that added pressure on the shoulders and chest from keeping that head and neck out in that forward head posture. >> decreased lung capacity? >> 30% decreased lung capacity if your head goes forward more than 2 inches off the shoulders. >> wow. >> imagine that. >> and disk degeneration, talking about the discs in your neck? >> talking about the discs in between those cervical spine vertebras in the neck. they thin out over a period of time. on the image on the right, over time the discs thin out and irritate the nerves, and your shoulders, arms, hands, even weakness in the hands. >> tell me what we need to do
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to prevent these issues. >> first and foremost, we need to bring our chins up. keep our ears over our shoulders. what we also need to do, is bring that mobile device up to us rather than us coming down to it. and also keeping your feet flat on the floor will help promote good posture throughout the rest of your body. i think the cause of the problem really is taking breaks after 20 minutes of texting or sending messages, putting that phone or hand held device down. it's something we need to encourage kids to do. >> what you mean is help alleviate the problem, take a break? >> absolutely. >> 20 minutes max? >> limit it to 20 minutes and take a break 15 to 20 minutes before you pick it up. >> you've brought devices here. and a couple are geared towards kids. same issues for kids? >> same issue for kids, though i think kids are more vulnerable. the reason being, when we were growing up we didn't have these
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hand held devices. especially the younger children, their joints, their muscles haven't fully developed yet, so they become more vulnerable to these problems. i'm seeing more and more of this in my practice, kids with neck pain, shoulder pain, and we can tie it in most of the time, hand held devices. i'm seeing 4, even 4-year-olds using these devices. >> what's the treatment? >> great question. the best thing you can do is consider hands on therapy. text neck is a physical problem and requires a physical cure. prescription drugs is a band- aid on the problem. consider chiropractic, physical therapy. i've seen yoga poses that are beneficial for these conditions. >> because medicine, that's really for the pain. >> right. >> doesn't treat the issue. >> it's a temporary fix. when it wears off, the problem is still there. >> something a lot of us have
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not thought about. well worth thinking about. >> absolutely. >> in the district? >> northern virginia, falls church. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> allison, back to you. thank you so much, tony and thank you dr. solono. an update on the meningitis outbreak. and a woman who made a big mark in washington, she has died. first, holly is getting last minute halloween tips. the sun will come out! >> reporter: exactly. this is what we need. ♪ the sun will come out tomorrow ♪ do you know what is really weird? do you remember annie's dog was named sandy? how amazing is that? we are live this morning having a lot of halloween fun, because there is a lot going on in and around our area, despite the last couple of days. we are live at gene's costumes. we're going to talk about
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perfect costume ideas for the d.c. area specifically, and talk about events that are on, and what is not on, and a new place for you to have a good time all year long, it's all live later on fox 5 morning news. maybe i could sing, it's a hard knock life, for us. that's been the last couple of days. >> thanks, holly. because of the storm, today, halloween, we just saw holly, georgetown crowded tonight. it's a hot spot for halloween. be advised, there are a number of street closures starting at 4:00 this afternoon, and lasting until thursday, the early morning hours of thursday. for a list of closures and parking restrictions, go to, click on web links. >> and the annual drag queen high heel raced in dupont e has typically goes off on the tuesday before halloween. it's now being held tomorrow night. it goes down 17th street between p and s streets.
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participants start gathering as early as 6:00. the race kicks off at 9:00. we'll be right back. ♪ and hope that this is just imagination ♪ we had a good group of people. good group off employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care. mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we're remembering the woman who helped raise the social profile of the white house. baldridge died monday in bethesda. after she left the white house,
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she was a top executive at tiffany's and opened her own public realizes firm. baldridge was 86 years old. the death toll in the meningitis outbreak continues to climb. >> 28 people have been killed. the number of cases is up to 363 in 19 states. 20 in maryland, with one dead. 44in virginia, with two dead. and there are still no cases in the district. this type of meningitis isn't contagious. now that the storm has passed, it's time to clean up and rebuild. >> and all of that takes time, material and money, of course. fox5's james rozen looks at the relief efforts. >> going to be a large response
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covering multiple states. >> it's not home, but been made pretty comfortable for us. the national guard and red cross here have been super. >> reporter: james and kimberly joined by their dogs were among the 650 delaware residents who took shelter monday night at a red cross shelter. this station is a special needs facility, offering a kennel, but emotion at counselors and a full-time physician. >> many of the people that were in the shelter the last couple of days would never have been to stay here had we not been here. >> reporter: the first night, 250 red cross shelters across 16 states welcomed 11,000 displaced persons and they served 25,000 meals and snacks and 1700 red cross workers and volunteers mobilized to help,
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from as far away as utah. but the storm has caused the can elation of 300 red cross blood drives, producing a short fall of more than 19,000 units. >> this was an enormous storm. it has required an enormous effort on the red cross and we've done that, but we now rely on the american public to help continue to do that. >> reporter: the simplest way is a financial donation. you can text red cross to 90 999 to give ten dollars. or you can visit their web site at sandy of course has brought us cooler temperatures. tucker will stop by, tell us how long the temperatures will stick around. >> plus, shoppers serious with major retailers hoping to cash
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in on sandy. who was targeted ahead. [ earnest ] out of the blue one day, we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just days later, all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired... i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs.
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we don't have an income. mitt romney made over 100 million dollars by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage, it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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opportunistic or tacky? backlash this morning on retailers hoping to cash in on sandy. american apparel offering 20% off everything. a lot of people encouraged to
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shop online while riding out the storm. one twitter user called it the lowest of low. should we call it capitalism? what do we call it? the lowest of low? opportunistic? >> it's weird that they just target those states. >> that part is strange. those are probably the states least likely -- >> too busy to be shopping right now, so. >> okay. our producer sent in information on rainfall. apparently these numbers just came out. easton, maryland, the most rainfall, 12.55 inches. and the most snow in red house, maryland, 19 inches. >> in maryland. i think parts of west virginia got more than 29 inches. >> that scared me. when i saw those numbers come
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in and basically in relation to storms like hugo, katrina, irene, you're like, uh-oh. >> gives you an idea how strong it is. wall of water that came up the new jersey coastline and to new york. big push. happier note, and trick or treaters, happy halloween. >> if you're wearing a costume, do you need a coat over it? >> i don't think, but a couple of layers underneath the costume. not bitter cold here. i can remember halloweens past when i was a kid and one or two where it was cold. >> and the rain. that's the worst. >> yeah. the rain and the 40s. so the good news is, we're just -- chilly. i couldn't get it out. >> a creepy chill. >> i was going to use a creepy voice, but it didn't happen. upper 40s for the kids trick or treating. should be dry. that's the best part of the forecast here, as things are
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gradually improving. doesn't mean we don't have a few rain showers at the moment. we're not quite down with the rain, particularly north and west, towards hagerstown. persistent batch to the south and west, towards culpeper as well. parts of the area not done with the rain of the the trend will be to take the rain out of the forecast and introduce a little bit of sunshine. earlier today i stepped out and saw a few hints of blue sky. the trend will be to improve things around here. less wind. topping out in the mid-50s today. better than yesterday. but you can see in the big picture we're still getting plenty of swirl out there and plenty of shower activity that continues to pinwheel around what's left of our circulation. conditions are improving, and we should see nicer conditions starting tomorrow as far as sunshine. let's take a look current temperatures, cool, no doubt about it, 44 in washington. 45 annapolis this morning. overnight lows in the 30s. 42 now at dulles. 41 in manassas.
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highs later today, mid-50s. winds south and west 5 to 10. mostly cloudy skies. cool for this time of year. average high should be in the mid-60s. next couple of days, lots of sunshine. particularly this weekend, with highs in the low to mid-50s. back to you at the desk. [ bell ringing ] wall street, there's the mayor of new york city, ringing the opening bell. there's the gavel. market has reopened, at least right there, had been closed for two days and that doesn't happen a lot at all. it's very historic. the second time in history? >> first time since 1888. >> little bit of a return there. we know outside the door reminders everywhere. >> a mess. >> at least markets are back open. very good. coming up next, we'll have the prompter, please, you can find
9:31 am
out which hollywood star took a three-month-old baby to a party at playboy mansion. >> that's weird. and may the force be with disney. more on this odd, rather unexpected pairing, next in the buzz bin. it's 9:30. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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in the buzz bin, great news for science fiction fans, a new
9:34 am
star wars trilogy in the works. disney is buying the rights from george lucas. the films will continue the story from return of the jedi. remember, that was number six. it was originally the third original install. lucas served as a consultant. no word in princess leia will become a disney princess. interesting question. >> maybe mickey mouse will be in it. >> i think the next one will be the jar jar story. >> oh, jar jar. octomom's nanny giving a break when she enters rehab. prompter is not working. help me out, tony. >> and why -- want to give this away now? >> yeah, because there's a reason. >> and why kelsey grammer took his 3-month-old to a party at
9:35 am
the playboy mansion. time for hollywood headlines with our one and only favorite, tmz's dax holt. >> are you cupid? who are you? >> i'm prince harry today. [ laughter ] >> let me just stop all my lines of jokes. cleanse my mind. all righty. let's talk about kelsey grammer. why did he take his baby to the playboy mansion, dax? >> here's the deal. obviously the big question, why did he take the baby? it was midnight. this kid is two months old. and his rebuttal was that they didn't have a nanny. there were no options for a baby-sitter. they couldn't find one. and kate is breast feeding now. i'm thinking, it doesn't matter. your baby is 3 months old. this is the time you go, if i
9:36 am
don't have a sitter, i home. i don't go to the party. >> as a new papa, you know that. >> i can understand. >> i was home saturday night. because i have a 3-month-old, so i was home because that's what you got to do. >> kelsey grammer is a funny guy. do you think he was being a bit of a wise ankle here, taking a baby? >> i think it was a stupid move. i think he's getting a lot of criticism over it. i think if he looked back on it, he wouldn't have taken the baby, because of how many people are blasting him. otherwise, he's sticking by his story. i didn't have another option. yeah, he did. >> yeah, he did. >> i'm on kelsey's side on this one. i'm going to give him a pass. these things happen. >> tucker barnes, everybody. >> i'm kidding. octomom back in the news, and maybe not for the right reasons in her case. >> one good reason, she's going to rehab. has an addiction to xanax.
9:37 am
she feels like she's got a lot of anxiety. obviously, if you have 14 kids running around, i can see why you've got anxiety. she started taking this drug and hasn't gotten off of it. decided to go to rehab. the big question is who watches all her children? she's got three nannies, two friends and apparently they're acting like angels. once mom is out of the house, they are being great. they are sitting down, watching tv. we got a bunch of shots yesterday while she was gone, and the kids are doing really, really good. people are starting to question, is it better when she's not around? >> and paid nannies, that's not cheap. >> well, she's making a lot of money off her adult film. >> she is? okay. >> is she really making money from that? >> yeah. she got a new house, and the kids are all doing good. it worked out for her. >> dax, i know you're sitting in that chair. what's going on underneath what we can see? >> why do you want to know?
9:38 am
>> i'm curious. i'm a reporter. >> can't look. prince harry look. >> i love that. have a good time tonight. thank you so much. >> thank you. bye. >> bye-bye. >> that makes me sad we couldn't have fun on halloween this year. >> left out. >> that's what's happening in the buzz bin. good stuff. if sandy wasn't enough to spook you, today halloween. some festivities are going on. holly morris joins us with ideas and ideas to keep your kids occupied. >> a lot of question from that last segment, first, kelsey grammer has a 3-month-old? isn't he like 90? wizards playing on the hardwood this year, and award for adam
9:39 am
laroche. and hear the explanation for what happened that led to the on the field melt down this past sunday in pittsburgh. mowing morning news is back in a moment.      
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technical difficulties there. more than halloween they're celebrating in san francisco. today is the parade for the giants. the team of course swept the tigers in four straight games to win their second world series title in three years. the route will be about a mile and a half and ends at city hall, where the team will
9:43 am
address the fans. it's official, a new world series of poker champion crowned. winner is from maryland. 24-year-old greg merson of laurel won a short time ago. in case you're wondering, he beat the opponent with an all in king high. he wins more than $8 million. >> wow! >> that's pretty incredible. how many people do you think are calling him now, remember when i taught you how to play poker? >> grandma. national -- the nationals -- a national caps off a stellar season. >> play on words. >> should have read it in advance. and wizard come up short and a redskin reacts to his on the field tirade. dave is back. >> nice to talk sports again. get a little break of what
9:44 am
we've had. adam laroche, 33 homeruns, 100 rbis and first ever gold glove. here's the deal, the team has an option on mr. laroche. they say the nats and adam have spoken to each other in the past week about the possibility of a contract extension. when you put up numbers like he put up, and then you add the defense to get that gold glove, that is hard to get that gold glove. you would like to assume that he would be back, but you know what the deal is with management. we all know this. they don't want to pay you for past performance, but want to see looking forward to the future whether or not you can still bring it. we'll have to wait and see on that. wizards, last night in cleveland, john wall will be out for about a month. still has knee issues. we know that. so we can't see wall doing his thing yet. saw the rookie last night and i thought he played well. only 8-points. he's a rookie out of florida. will be the guy, really.
9:45 am
we want to see the maturation process. irving is really good at 29. steal here. tony and i have been joking about this all morning, my pick of rookie for the year after one game. they showed fight. speaking of fight, this is ray allen who played for the celtics the last couple of years, won a championship there. now traded uniforms for the celtics. he opted to go to miami, and that rubbed kevin garnet, his former teammate, the wrong way. kg and the boys from boston got beat last night by lebron, going down the lane. we've been talking about this on facebook and twitter. what happened is, ray went over to the celtics and garnet would not even give him props. no hug, no hand shake, no nothing. he basically acted like you're no longer a part of this team,
9:46 am
you're no longer a part of me. i'm not going to talk to you. is that crossing the line in the sportsmanship issue or competition -- >> i hate it. >> you do? >> of course. >> doesn't bother me. >> i don't like it at all. >> their first meeting. >> this is life. people go to different teams. i don't work here anymore, you see me, you're going to snub me? >> no. >> thank you. >> i might. i'm kidding. garnet said once ray went to boston, i lost his phone number out of my cell. he'll have to see the commissioner. the league is reviewing this play from last sunday, where d hall, thought it was a cheap shot by sanders. see him in the prison garb the steelers wore. he went nuts. yaw can't do this. can't walk down an official and shouting and keep going after
9:47 am
the official. we don't know if there was contact made by hall. you can see here the body language isn't good. the actions are not good and the language was not good. d hall did explain what happened in a radio interview yesterday. >> nobody is going out there trying to bully the referees and likewise they shouldn't be out there trying to bully us. if you could go back and change things, you would. nothing i can do to take that play back or what happened after that. all we can do from my point of view and from the referees' point of view and the nfl is figure out a solution so that problem doesn't happen again. >> interesting words from d. couple of problems here. one is, he's a captain, been around a long time. saw another captain, alexander, pulling him out.
9:48 am
you have to know there are certain buttons you can push with officials. certainly he crossed the line. no debate about that. hispoint is, we don't hear what the official said to him. >> we don't,. >> but what could he have said? >> who knows? one guy who will know is roger goodell. he'll talk to the officials and the crew and d hall and probably will come down with the hammer in this situation. i think there will be punishment coming for d hall. not sure in what form. i think something will happen. >> i think if d hall, the best thing he can say, between the stripes on the steelers and refs, i was confused -- >> like i was with the thor of hammer. sorry, commish. before you go, dave, stick around, we have an inspiring
9:49 am
story out of chicago. a 31-year-old amputee is going to test new legs. this will be the bionic legs' public debut. >> good luck, zack. talk about courage. i don't know what else to say, other than astonishing. and best of luck. the fact at that he's not letting his disability stop him from reaching his dream and goal. >> what it's all about. >> good luck, zack. the average american they say will likely spend nearly $80 on halloween this year. though we've been saying that seems awfully low. between costume, candy and decorations. >> have you haven't maxed out on your halloween budget already, there is still time. you can find plenty of fun activities for the kids.
9:50 am
holly morris joins us live from gene's -- you know what? this is going to be popular this year. >> yeah. >> reporter: exactly. phone is ringing off the hook for big bird. he has been in the news quite a bit lately, as we know. we live in one of those cities where we have a theme you can go with. and especially since election day is next week, politics as you can imagine are big. olivia is here with me to talk more about that. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: let's talk about the political masks that you have available and what's popular. >> we do have barack obama. we have at least six of him, if not a dozen or two. we have most of the presidents since nixon. >> reporter: which i find interesting. because you don't have mitt romney, right? >> we ran out of him -- >> reporter: you did?
9:51 am
>> we had him. we got in all the republican primary candidates before halloween, and they ran out before he was even elected as running mate. >> reporter: i was like, my gosh, maybe you have to become president first before you get a mask. apparently not. >> no. >> reporter: ladies, for you, you have wigs here. >> we have the first lady, and i've been told by, this would work for ann romney. >> reporter: the high society wig for her. you'll be swamped today. opening at 10:00 this morning, and you'll stay open until 9:00 tonight. what is your advice? >> i would honestly come in as early as you can, because stuff is going to start running out. haven't cleaned us out yet, but it's getting close. >> reporter: you're on your way. also popular, '70s wear. you can always be cher. i got you, babe. come this way. this is a great couples costume. here is my sonny. wouldn't we be groovy in this?
9:52 am
i have two other special guests with me. i'm going to start with jeanette, with washington parent. good morning to you again. >> good morning. >> reporter: i know a lot of people are questioning right now -- sorry, this hair gets in the way. are questioning what's not happening, because unfortunately, because of the week we've had, hurricane sandy, there are events not going on. >> yeah. unfortunately the storm has damaged woman things, so a lot of the farms -- many things, so a lot of the farms aren't opening. today is to be determined depending on the weather. montgomery county halloween trains, those are both out of commission until the spring. halloween parade in leesburg, and that is canceled for 2012. it's a popular one. >> reporter: enough of the negative. let's go to the treats. we're going to talk about what's on. spooky tots. >> spooky tots is starting at
9:53 am
10:00 at the washingtonian center and fairfax corner. those are for toddlers. they'll have eric energy out there, lots of entertainment. matt science will be out there. >> reporter: mallaween. >> a lot of malls will have store to store trick or treating. indoors. you can take the kids out there. >> reporter: smithsonian? >> they're going to have a performance by the great zucchini. >> reporter: always popular with kids. jonah's treehouse concert? >> 3:30 and 4:30 at the d.c. location. >> reporter: adventure kids play care? >> drop off play care, lots of great spooky entertainment. >> reporter: in fact, to talk more about that, we have mia who is with the place. good morning to you. happy halloween. >> happy halloween. >> reporter: tell me about it. because you're relatively new.
9:54 am
>> we're a one-of-a-kind drop in child care center. party from 6:00 to 10:00 tonight, ages 2 to 12. dinner on-site. crafts and games. >> reporter: why did you think your place was needed for this area? >> because we don't have any types of drop in child care centers, only the preschool where parents are locked into a price. it's like a baby-sitter. you can bring them to the center, we're licensed by the state, and we have teachers watching the children, lots of activities from basketball, x- box, wii, computers, air hockey,. >> reporter: jeanette, come back here as well.
9:55 am
you have a lot. the two things we didn't mention were the rec centers and libraries. >> call ahead. a lot of them are planning on having costume parties, halloween parades, spooky story time, lots of events for all ages. rec centers have trunk or treat. >> reporter: for any place you have questions, call first or check out their web sites. they have high end rentals, from wigs to masks, you name it. they're expecting a rush. because they were not able to be open the last couple of days for their full hours. a lot of people that came out, i'm not sure halloween is going on, they are expecting a lot of people to come out today. so come early. is our web site. we have a link to washington
9:56 am
parent, to gene's costume. open until 9:00 tonight. if for some reason, i keep wanting to do this, happy halloween. back to you. >> holly, this is the question, because the phone is ringing off the hook, business is booming there. do you think $80 is low for an average family of what an average family might spend in normal times for halloween? >> reporter: i think that that is low, because when i look around here, and i look at the general costumes, if you're buying a wig off the rack, this one here is $20. >> right. >> reporter: i mean, so when you start to add up things, if you're going the rental route, can be up to $100. i think it's misleading to think $80 for a family of four is a little low. don't forget, when they do the averages, you have the party poopers out there that don't spend anything, and you have the big wigs that spend a lot and the average is in between. >> holly, you've been great on
9:57 am
the costume changes, even changing during an interview. amazing. >> who is helping you? >> reporter: i always try to take it to the next level. if it is $80 a person. 80 times four, that's $320. that's a lot. >> you're right. >> reporter: i don't know. >> holly, thank you. >> reporter: and i do math, too, while i'm talking. >> amazing. she does it all. thanks. great stuff. >> hopefully we have this video. pretty amazing. look at that. >> wow! >> that's magician rich ferguson, he's freaking out people out west by sneezing his head off. he recently went walking around the streets and walks up to unsuspecting pedestrians, does this trick where he loses his head. the video has gone viral. >> how is he doing it? >> even see the reverse -- those guys are like, oh, my
9:58 am
goodness. >> this is amazing. that's great. that's great. >> how does he do it? >> you can kind of figure out how he does it. >> well, spill. >> i don't want to ruin it. he doesn't take his head off. >> i know. >> are you serious? >> about what? >> he doesn't take his head off? other things to tell you about, since hurricane sandy coverage -- >> and we did have some. >> we decided to pull out a fox 5 flashback. we'll show you video. it's tucker and i doing our best -- >> that was the best. >> this is in 2010. it's property again. >> look at you. >> where did you get that wig from tony? >> i got it quickly. since we couldn't do this this year, several of the things in the past few years are on our
9:59 am
web site at >> you guys rock. >> that was fun. >> that was the best. >> okay. let's take a look at some of our cute furry friends. happy halloween. send pictures of your pets to pet pix at leave your pet's name. we might choose them. this is -- we think it's a french bulldog maybe dressed up like a, a little love bug or some variation. >> poor dog. look at his face. what are you doing to me? >> i don't think we'll be talking the dog -- taking the dogs out tonight. it's too much. ♪ tell me something good ♪ friday is ask allison. before we let you go, want to remind you to send in your pictures for ask allison. we'll answer questions on a variety of topics. send them, whatever you got,, click on the link for that. we do that of course on fridays.


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